Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Tale of Three Merlots

Cedar Creek Merlot, Hester Creek Merlot and Columbia Crest Merlot are three that have been on my mind of late. It seems every second diner who graces our restaurant is asking for my opinion on a Merlot so here goes...

The Cedar Creek Merlot (sorry no picture, they are apparently very annal about their logos) now this has been on our house wine list for several years and to be honest I never much cared for it, until this year. I find the 2004 to be smooth, rich and easy to recommend as it has a wide appeal, not to mention the low price point. It is always nice to see a wine evolve.

The Hester Creek Merlot, we brought it to try out. We have a feature sheet in which we get to play around with new products. We like to bring in a case or two of new products to try out (tough part of my job) for our ever evolving wine list. This is one we brought in recently to mixed reviews. I find it a little sharp and lip puckery for me however the other main server likes it. I've had the same sort of mixed customer reviews as well, interesting seems to be a favored remark. So I guess you'll just have to try this one yourself and see what you think.

The Columbia Crest is our House favorite and I personally think it's the best value on our menu. Wonderfully smooth and rich with a surprising fullness that I wouldn't normally expect from a Merlot. I love it, we love it and everyone I've recommended it to, loved it. Triple love here.


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

The Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot is a great bargain and a terrific wine. I'm not ordinarily a merlot fan, but I found this one interesting because it is full of fruit and is suprisingly rich.

Maybe merlot has recovered from the overhype? Probably not though.


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