Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Mouse in the House

In our area we have two beer and wine stores, one I've mentioned before that has quite a variety, always bringing in new interesting products, quite lovely really. The other, which is closer, tends to feature lucky lager and wine in the box form. I don't go there very often but with a recent hockey game and a desperately thirsty husband I stopped in. I took a quick tour around the wine racks, predictable and boring, but I spotted this lone bottle back with the dusty port bottles bordering on the tequila section, Church Mouse Syrah.
Church Mouse is an off shoot of Church & State wines in the Okanagan. I searched their site to see what they had to say about this wine but it wasn't listed which makes me think this bottle was left from a unusually whimsical purchase on the part of the beer and wine store and it has been patiently sitting in the back waiting for someone to notice it.
I did, and I like it. It was smooth, rich and perfect when I got home from work last night and needed a nightcap. I think I need to investigate the Syrah more as it's not a varietal I'm very familiar with, I'll look forward to a little more investigation tonight.


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